Casino Marketing – Creating a Casino Movie That Will Stand the Test of Time

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

A well produced casino movie can have viewers gripping the edge of their seats in suspense. These films are rare and are usually made by directors who understand what it takes to create a film that can stand the test of time.

A good example is Casino, directed by Martin Scorsese. This movie has a much more linear story than his other Mafia film, Goodfellas. It also features a better cast. De Niro is outstanding in his role, and Sharon Stone delivers a performance that is both powerful and believable. Joe Pesci adds a dimension of menace that makes the movie more than just a drama about mafia heists and bribes.

The movie is also quite violent. There are scenes involving torture, the shooting of a guy using a vice, and even murder. Some critics call this over the top, but the fact is that these scenes are accurate in terms of what happens at real casinos. In addition, casinos often have elaborate surveillance systems that have high-tech “eye-in-the-sky” cameras that watch every table, change window and doorway.

When it comes to casino marketing, understanding your target audience is very important. Demographic information is helpful, but you need to know why they are visiting. For example, they could be on a business trip and have an hour to kill before their next meeting. Or they could be celebrating a bachelorette party for a friend. You need to be able to market the casino’s amenities, events, unique offerings and other factors that will make it appealing to them.